A+ Content

A+ Content allows you to provide customers with richer, more detailed information about the product and promote your products. You can describe your product features in a different way by including a unique brand story, enhanced images, lifestyle images and text placements. They can help you to increase customer conversion, retain customer interest, educate shoppers about model variations and features, and promote brand awareness.

A+ Detail Page includes:

  1. Custom paragraph headers and images
  2. Unique image and text layouts
  3. Product comparison charts
  4. Bulleted feature lists
  5. Product videos

The benefits of adding an A+ page on the vendor’s detail pages include:

  • Improving organic SEO (Search engine optimization) and traffic: A+ content is indexed for SEO search. The longer someone spends on the vendor’s page, the better for SEO.
  • Retaining customer interest
  • Driving brand awareness and increase the brand visibility.
  • Distinguishing between basic and premium product lines
  • Educating shoppers about model variations and features
  • It helps customers come across genuine brands and helps you making more sales in a long run.